LinkedIn Follow vs Connect: Understanding the Differences

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for networking and building professional connections. When it comes to connecting with others on LinkedIn, you have two options: follow or connect. But what exactly is the difference between LinkedIn follow and connect? And which option should you choose? In this article, we will explore the nuances of LinkedIn follow vs connect and provide you with tips on how to make the most out of each option.linkedin followers or connect


Understanding the Differences

The main difference between LinkedIn follow and connect lies in the level of connection you have with the other person. When you follow someone on LinkedIn, you become a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd-degree connection. This means you can see their posts and updates in your feed, but you cannot directly message them unless they have explicitly allowed messages from followers.

On the other hand, when you connect with someone on LinkedIn, you become a 1st-degree connection. This allows you to send them a LinkedIn message and engage in direct conversations. Connecting with someone on LinkedIn implies a higher level of engagement and indicates a stronger professional relationship.

It’s important to note that some LinkedIn users prefer to be followed rather than connected. This means they have disabled the connect button on their profile, and the only way to engage with them is by following their updates. Respect the preferences of others and choose the appropriate option based on your objectives and the level of engagement you seek.

Making the Right Choice

The decision of whether to follow or connect with someone on LinkedIn depends on your specific goals and objectives. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Messaging: If you want to be able to send a LinkedIn message to someone without using LinkedIn InMails, you should connect with that person. Connecting allows you to initiate direct conversations and establish a more personal relationship. However, if you don’t necessarily need to interact with someone in the LinkedIn inbox, following them can be a good option.

Tip: Utilize Breakcold, a powerful tool for engaging with people before connecting on LinkedIn. It can help you establish a rapport and increase the chances of your connection request being accepted.

  1. LinkedIn Inbox Management: Managing your LinkedIn inbox can become overwhelming, especially if you connect with a large number of people. If you are using LinkedIn for sales prospecting or social selling, it’s essential to keep your feed enjoyable and relevant. In this case, consider unfollowing people after sending them a connection request to avoid cluttering your LinkedIn feed.

Tip: Unfollowing prospects after connecting with them on LinkedIn can help you maintain control over your feed and ensure you see posts that are relevant to your objectives.

  1. Engagement: If your goal is to increase your reach and engagement on LinkedIn, gaining more followers can be beneficial. By following individuals, you can engage with their posts, like and comment on them, and potentially increase your visibility within their network. Engaging with others before sending a connection request can increase the chances of your request being accepted.

Tip: Engage with your super fans on LinkedIn to create a social selling loop. The more you engage with others, the more likely they are to engage back with you, ultimately boosting the reach of your LinkedIn posts and increasing your number of followers.

  1. Targeted Feed: If you want to curate a LinkedIn feed that aligns with your interests and objectives, consider unfollowing negative people or connections that share content that is not relevant to you. By unfollowing such individuals, you can create a more tailored and enjoyable LinkedIn experience.

Tip: Use LinkedIn Chrome extensions to curate your feed and filter out content that doesn’t align with your interests.

How to Set up LinkedIn Follow vs Connect

If you want to switch between the “Follow” button and the “Connect” button on your LinkedIn profile, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Go to your LinkedIn profile by clicking on “Me” at the top right of your screen.
  2. Click on “View profile” just below your LinkedIn headline.
  3. Turn on the creator mode. Note that when you have more than 500 LinkedIn connections, LinkedIn will default to the follow button instead of the connect button.

Additional Information: To enhance your LinkedIn presence and increase your number of connections, you can buy LinkedIn connections on platforms like

Tips for Gaining More LinkedIn Followers and Connections

Whether your objective on LinkedIn is engagement, growth, or sales, here are some valuable tips for gaining more followers and connections:

  1. Engage before Connecting: Instead of sending cold connection requests, engage with individuals before connecting. This can be done by liking and commenting on their posts or sending them personalized messages. Building a relationship before connecting increases the likelihood of your request being accepted.

  2. Avoid Generic Invitation Messages: Sending generic LinkedIn invitation messages is not an effective strategy for connecting with others. Most people receive numerous automated messages and are not likely to respond positively. Instead, take the time to craft a personalized message that shows genuine interest in connecting.

Quote: “Unless you think you are in the 10%, just avoid it because if you have a generic message, you simply won’t make the cut.”

  1. Unfollow After Connecting for Prospecting Purposes: When engaging in sales prospecting and social selling on LinkedIn, it’s important to maintain control over your feed. If you connect with hundreds of individuals in a specific industry, it can overwhelm your feed with content that may not be relevant to your objectives. Unfollowing prospects after connecting with them can help keep your feed focused and tailored.

  2. Curate Your Feed: Take control of your LinkedIn feed by unfollowing negative people or connections that share content in a different language or that is not relevant to you. By curating your feed, you can ensure that you see posts that align with your interests and objectives.

  3. Utilize Your LinkedIn Banner: Your LinkedIn banner is valuable real estate that can be used to attract more followers. Consider using arrows pointing to the follow button or crafting a short sentence explaining why people should follow you. Make sure your banner is responsive, optimizing it for both mobile and desktop devices.

  4. Engage with Super Fans: Cultivate a social selling loop by engaging with individuals who are already your super fans. The more you engage with them, the more likely they are to engage back with you, increasing the reach of your LinkedIn posts and attracting more followers.

  5. Leverage LinkedIn Hack: A unique LinkedIn hack involves pretending to have accidentally disconnected from B2B influencers and reaching out to reconnect. While this tactic may not work for everyone, it can be an effective way to network with top LinkedIn influencers.

Additional Questions

Can Companies Follow Other Companies on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn company pages cannot follow other LinkedIn company pages. This is because company pages are considered “pages” and not “LinkedIn profiles.”

How to Connect with People Who Have More Than 30,000 Connections?

LinkedIn users with more than 30,000 connections need to remove connections if they want to accept new ones. Connecting with individuals who have a large number of connections requires you to stand out and have a compelling reason to connect. Focus on building relationships and providing value to increase your chances of connecting with such individuals.

In conclusion, understanding the differences between LinkedIn follow and connect is crucial for making the right choice when engaging with others on the platform. Consider your objectives, messaging needs, and desired level of engagement before deciding which option to choose. By following the tips provided in this article, you can maximize your LinkedIn presence, gain more followers, and build valuable professional connections.

Remember, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for networking and growing your professional brand. Use it strategically and authentically to achieve your goals and make meaningful connections in your industry.

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